Spring Drive 2015 Information

The theme we are emphasizing in our school devotions this year is the HOPE that comes from God which then overflows, through us, to others. This extends to those who desire quality Christian Education for their sons and daughters.  As we go into our Annual Spring Budget Drive starting April 10th, we place our Hope in the Lord who has graciously provided for all our needs and blessed us so we may bring His hope to our students by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

As with many other Christian Schools, we continue to face many challenges with rising costs and changing demographics.  At QCHS we continue to look at how to remain sustainable for future generations and implement important changes to accomplish this.  The purpose of the annual fundraising drive is to keep our Tuition fee at as reasonable as possible.  This year our goal is to raise $125,000.  Thanks to matching grants the first $45,000 contributed will be doubled.  Every gift counts!

You can give online (click the link below to visit the Christian School Foundation website) or for more information contact Laura Vink at finance@qchs.ca or 613 968-7870 ext. 223.