The QCHS Endowment Fund

Our Vision

Quinte Christian High School is committed to providing students with a dynamic academic program, preparing them to actively engage in God’s world.

At QCHS students experience a level of discipleship and mentoring that is increasingly difficult to find. Many parents express a deep appreciation for the personal growth and Christian worldview instilled in their children at QCHS. QCHS is a place where education goes far beyond preparing students for the workplace, to preparing them for life in this world.

Our desire as a community is to make this type of educational experience available to as many students as possible. The reality is that Christian education is unaffordable for many in our community. The vision and purpose of the QCHS Endowment Fund is to provide funding that will be used to both preserve and expand Quinte Chris??an High School. Already the investment income we receive each year has begun to fulfill this vision.

By contributing to the QCHS Endowment Fund your gift will keep on giving year after year. Your donation now or through your estate will make our vision – to make Christian education available to all families in our community – a reality

A gift that gives now…

Gifts of Cash

  • Provide immediate benefit to the QCHS Endowment Fund
  • A tax credit of up to 45% for you

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

  • 100% of the gift goes to the Endowment Fund
  • Eliminate taxes on capital gains and provide a full tax credit to you

Revocable Deposit

  • Placed with CSS earn income shared by you and the QCHS Endowment Fund.
  • Safe, ethical investments that are redeemable in 60 days.


A gift that gives later…

Charitable Gift Annuities

  • Provide a guaranteed lifetime income for you at a low tax rate
  • Immediate tax receipt for a minimum of 20%
  • QCHS Endowment Fund can expect a residual gift

Charitable Bequests

  • Made to QCHS Endowment Fund through your Will may dramatically reduce or eliminate taxes on your Estate

Personal Endowment Gifts

  • Yield a stable income to fund the tuition from the QCHS Endowment Fund
  • May be created during your lifetime or through your estate Gifts of RRSPs or RRIFs

Naming the QCHS Endowment Fund as alternate beneficiary of your registered assets provides tax benefits for your estate.

  • A gift will be donated to the QCHS Endowment Fund
  • Probate fees will be minimized

Gifts of Life Insurance

  • Provide a substantial gift to QCHS Endowment Fund with modest, tax deductible premium payments, while leaving other assets for your family


Through our partnership with Christian Stewardship Services (CSS) we can offer…

Estate and Will Planning Services
Estate and Will planning is for everyone: young or old, wealthy, or just starting out. It is the process of deciding to whom your assets should be distributed after your death and is an integral but often overlooked aspect of stewardship.

Gift Planning Services
Help with structuring your giving, both while you are living and through your estate. CSS will work with you to plan your gifts in the most tax-efficient way possible while ensuring your gifts provide maximum impact and efficiency for QCHS Endowment Fund now and in the future.

Gift Planning Tools
The creative and responsible use of these tools can provide substantial tax and estate planning benefits, and can allow you to make larger and lasting gifts to charity, while enhancing your income and estate benefits.

For more information about the QCHS Endowment Fund call 613-968-7870 ext. 223 or As a member school of the Christian School Foundation, their website is a valuable resource for more information as well.

Click the icon below to visit their website.Christian_School_Foundation_Logo_thumb