Vision, Mission & Philosophy


QCHS reflects Christ’s love by challenging students to develop their gifts and preparing them to flourish as disciples of Christ within an ever changing world.


Quinte Christian High School educates minds, inspires hearts, identifies gifts and fosters growth through Christ centered curriculum and programs.

Core Values:

  1. Demonstrated Love – to be committed to actively live out Christ’s love in community
  2. Image Bearers – to respect each student as whole persons, individually equipped to learn
  3. Truth Seeking – to model and sustain a culture of seeking integrity and wisdom in all of life
  4. Academically Rigorous/Challenging – to ensure that the program of the school meets the standards required and strives to exceed them
  5. Identifying Gifts – to give each student the opportunity to discover, explore and develop the gifts which God has given uniquely to each student.
  6. Agents of Shalom – to challenge each student to seek social justice, restoration and intentionally bring shalom to a hurting world.

Goals for Quinte Christian High School
As a community we agree to answer that call to prepare them to engage in God’s world by educating our children following Christ’s example of teaching using a variety of methods that meet the unique learning abilities of each child

  • by developing and providing the program and resources that meet the needs of all our children
  • by allowing God to do His part and us our part in encouraging and assisting our community to grow and increase in health
  • by encouraging and assisting the growth of healthy Christian families
  • by encouraging and assisting others to establish healthy Christian school communities
  • by encouraging and assisting the growth of healthy Christian church communities
  • by encouraging and assisting the growth of the wider Quinte community and beyond.

Academic Development
We want our students to acquire knowledge and develop a Christian world view, a Spirit led way of seeing and thinking, that will equip them in discerning the truth as they wrestle with the issues and questions of life. Our students will be equipped to communicate effectively in oral and written form, understand and solve problems in various fields collaboratively using innovative technology, comprehend ideas, express themselves creatively in the arts, and develop critical thinking skills. They will develop a strong sense of history, which will help them to better understand the social institutions and traditions shaping our society.

Physical Development
Our students will develop physical strength, skill and gracefulness. We want them to see the importance of physical fitness in the work that God calls them to. Our students will be encouraged to develop a proper love and respect for themselves, with applications in their patterns of exercise, dress and nutrition. Their bodies are not their own but belong to Jesus Christ and are to be used in His service.

Emotional Development
We want to see our students develop a healthy sense of self worth. They will be encouraged to develop an appreciation of themselves, their peers, their families, their background, their school and their church and have the confidence to pursue high goals in their vocational choices. They will be trained to accept responsibility, both for their accomplishments and for their mistakes. We want them to accept others and be sensitive to the needs of the people around them. QCHS is a place that encourages students to have fun, to know and experience joy in life and to effectively deal with life’s disappointments.

Social Development
Our students will be encouraged to develop courteous behaviour in dealing with others. They will grow in strength to handle peer pressure with confidence and to stand up for their neighbours throughout the world. They will be expected to accept authority and be responsible when they are in positions of authority themselves. We want our graduates to be able to find their place in the church, nation and family, recognizing the legitimacy of these and other social institutions. Definitions of community, church, nation, family, and marriage are based on biblical teachings.

Resource Development
The resources of time, money, energy and ability are gifts of God and fulfil their purpose when they are used to honour Christ. Our students will be encouraged to set goals that follow a different path than the self-indulgent materialism and consumerism of our time.

Spiritual Development
We want our students to develop habits of regular devotional activities, both personally and in community. We will encourage our students to develop a hunger to know God, to become Christ-like in all aspects of life and to be open to God’s leading. We will foster an environment of passionate spirituality. We want our students to achieve academic excellence within the context of a commitment to Christ that provides meaning. All aspects of life are spiritual in the sense that they are all directed either to serving the one true God or some false imitation of God. The spiritual commitment, infused with the Holy Spirit, provides the ultimate answers to questions about the meaning of life, the place of man in the world, and the sources of sin, salvation and healing. The answers to these questions form the basis for everything we do at QCHS and we pray that this will be the basis on which our students live their lives.

QCHS as a Community

School Organization
The school is governed by a Board which is elected by the membership of the Quinte Christian Education Society. The Board’s responsibilities are to see that the school operates according to its constitution and to provide the resources required to deliver the program. The membership meets at least once in the fall and once in the spring of each year.

Parental Responsibility
Parents are expected to support the aims and authority relationships in the school. The parents also understand it is a provincial requirement that students remain in school until the age of 18 or have received their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The school encourages parents to keep in close contact with the teachers and principal. During the year there are two sets of scheduled parent-teacher interview evenings. Membership meetings and extracurricular activities are other valued occasions for parents and teachers to meet. Parents are encouraged to serve the school in a variety of formal and informal ways, including Board, committees and “hands on” involvement with our students. All volunteers are required to submit a police check to the office.

School’s Constitution and Purpose
QCHS is interdenominational and membership is open to all Christians who agree with the basic articles of our constitution. The constitution has its foundation in a number of principles. Below you will find a summary version.

  • God created us to serve him.
  • God is the Creator of the universe; we can understand the world only in relation to him.
  • We are created in the image of God, for fellowship with him.
  • God’s curse came on the Creation through disobedience; sin came into the world.
  • Jesus Christ reconciled us to the Father, by redeeming us from sin and the curse by his death on the cross.
  • The lordship of Jesus Christ over all things establishes the kingdom of God and makes education possible and meaningful.
  • God requires parents to train their children and educate them for his service; therefore parents should establish and maintain schools.
  • The purpose of Christian education is to direct and guide our students to commit their hearts to Christ and to become his disciples.
  • Students need guidance, correction, and instruction.
  • Teachers, as servants of God, exercise authority in the task of educating students.
  • The school community is established and directed by an association of Christian believers.