Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts, Grade 9, Open (ADA1O, Part 1) – 0.5 credit

This course emphasizes the active exploration of dramatic forms and techniques, using materials from a wide range of authors, genres, and cultures. Students will construct, discuss, perform, and analyse drama, and then reflect on the experiences to develop an understanding of themselves, the art form, and the world around them. Drama is a social art form. Constructing, performing, and analysing drama involves a collective experience through social interaction. By communicating in both their real and imagined worlds, students develop proficiency in listening, speaking, questioning, and negotiating. Through the process of “stepping into the shoes of others”, students develop and express empathy.

Prerequisite: None

Dramatic Arts, Grade 10, Open (ADA2O)

This course requires students to actively explore dramatic forms and techniques, using their own ideas and concerns as well as sources selected from a wide range of authors, genres, and cultures. Students learning will include identifying and using the principles of space, time, voice, and movement in creating drama, and will analyse and reflect on the experience.

Prerequisite: None

Dramatic Arts, Grade 11, University/College Preparation (ADA3M)

This course requires students to create and to perform dramatic presentations. Students will analyse, interpret, and perform works of drama from various cultures, including Western plays from around 1900. Students will also do research on different acting styles and conventions for their presentations, create original works, and analyse the functions of playwright, director, actor, producer, designer, technician, and audience.

Prerequisite: Dramatic Arts, Grade 9 or 10, Open

Dramatic Arts, Grade 12, University/College Preparation (ADA4M)

This course will require the student to create and perform in dramatic presentations. Students will analyze, interpret, and perform dramatic works from various cultures and time periods. They will research various acting styles and conventions that could be used in their presentations, and analyze the functions of playwrights, directors, actors, designers, technicians, and audiences.  The focus of this course will be Acting and Improvisation. This course will seek to impact the student with the tremendous power of drama to communicate in its various forms.  The student will be encouraged to actively seek to communicate personal beliefs within her/his created works as well as to build Christian community through the various drama activities experienced in class. The goal of this course is to challenge the student to find and develop his/her creative voice as an echo of our great creator, God.

Prerequisite: ADG3M