Religious Education

“How can a young man/woman keep his/her way pure? By living according to God’s word” (Ps 119:9, NIV). The Bible, God’s Word to humanity, is the basis from which we teach all the religion classes. Students are taught how to systematically and properly interpret the Bible – basic hermeneutics – as it fits into the original culture to which it was written. They learn how to apply it to their lives today and thereby develop a Christian way of thinking about and looking at the world, a Christian worldview.

Grade 9 focuses on who God is and His relationship with His people, both of the Old Testament and today. Grade 10 begins with a study of the Inter-testamental Period, to better understand the culture of Jesus’ time, and then focuses on Jesus, our Saviour, as revealed throughout the New Testament. Grade 11 is a study of the Holy Spirit’s guidance in determining truth by comparing Christianity to other world religions and cults. This is a time in which students are challenged to think about their beliefs and learn the importance of apologetics. The course is highlighted with a culminating field trip to Toronto in which students tour a Hindu Temple and a Buddhist Temple and sit in on a Muslim prayer service and a Jewish Sabbath evening service. The main objective of these courses is to train students to develop a Christian worldview from which they will go into the world as responsible citizens. The students’ grasp of a Christian worldview is tested and refined in other senior courses.

Religious Studies, Grade 9, Open (HRE13)

This is a brief survey of the Old Testament, paying special attention to its literary styles as they convey messages concerning the biblical themes of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Covenant.

Prerequisite: None

Religious Studies, Grade 10, Open (HRE23, Part 1) – 0.5 credit

This course includes a survey study of the New Testament, paying special attention to its literary styles as they convey messages concerning the Biblical themes of Creation,  Fall, Redemption, and Covenant.

Prerequisite: None

World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions, Grade 11, University/College Preparation (HRT3M)

This course enables students to discover what others believe and how they live, and to appreciate their own unique heritage.  Students will learn about the teachings and traditions of a variety of religions, the connections between religion and the development of civilizations, the place and function of religion in human experience, and the influence of a broad range of religions on contemporary society.  This course also introduces students to skills used in researching and investigating world religions.

Prerequisite: None