Social Sciences

“Our calling is not only to order our own lives by divine principles but also to engage the world…We are to fulfill both the great commission and the cultural commission. We are commanded both to preach the Good News and to bring all things into submission to God’s order, by defending and living out God’s truth in the unique historical and cultural conditions of our age”. *

We encourage students to actively engage the world in which they live. This engagement must be based on an understanding of current issues and their origins within our Western thought and culture. These courses are designed to continue the process of developing a Christian worldview by confronting students with the challenge of living a Christian lifestyle in a secular society. Students are challenged to think about issues that have an increasingly global impact, as well as considering shifting worldviews and beliefs, self awareness and interpersonal relationships, religious pluralism in the Canadian context, current social issues and concerns and the role of Christians in a changing world.

Families in Canada (HHS4U/4C)

This course enables students to draw on sociological, psychological, and anthropological theories and research to analyse the development of individuals, intimate relationships, and family and parent-child relationships. Students will focus on issues and challenges facing individuals and families in Canada’s diverse society. They will develop analytical tools that enable them to assess various factors affecting families and to consider policies and practices intended to support families in Canada. They will develop the investigative skills required to conduct and communicate the results of research on individuals, intimate relationships, and parent-child relationships.

Prerequisite: Any University, University/College, or College Preparation course in Social Science and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies