International Students

Quinte Christian High School is a Christian private high school that offers a strong academic and discipleship program. Our graduates are accepted into the best university and college programs in Canada. We are proud of our alumni and their accomplishments.

During this stage of life, we understand that choosing a secondary school for your child is a very important decision. Quinte Christian High School is a community-based high school with high academic standards. Because we plan for small class sizes, students receive the necessary individual attention to assist in their learning. Being a Christian high school means that we want everything we do to enhance the learning and character of our students, and to explore what it means to honour Jesus Christ in education. It is very important to us to provide a safe environment for your child in which he/she can learn and grow.

Quinte Christian High School does not board students. We assist the international families in locating a home-stay family for their high school student in the Quinte region. The home-stay family serves as the contact between the student and the school. An initial interview will be arranged for the student and the home-stay family so that they can decide if this is the right home for the student. This will happen before the student makes the decision to commit to the home-stay family. QCHS discourages students from changing home-stay families during the school year. Although the school will do its best to place the student in a suitable home-stay family, we cannot guarantee a successful placement. If the home stay family is not working out for either party, the school will help to find a new home-stay family for the student at the start of the following semester.

International Student Tuition

As Quinte Christian High School is not publicly funded, all of our operating costs come from tuition, donations and fundraising.

Please contact the school concerning Tuition and Fees at