Purpose and Principles

Quinte Christian High School is interdenominational and membership is open to all Christians who agree with the basic articles of our constitution. The constitution has its foundation in a number of principles. Below you will find a summary version.

  • God created us to serve him.
  • God is the Creator of the universe; we can understand the world only in relation to him.
  • We are created in the image of God, for fellowship with him.
  • God’s curse came on the Creation through disobedience; sin came into the world.
  • Jesus Christ reconciled us to the Father, by redeeming us from sin and the curse by his death on the cross.
  • The lordship of Jesus Christ over all things establishes the kingdom of God and makes education possible and meaningful.
  • God requires parents to train their children and educate them for his service; therefore parents should establish and maintain schools.
  • The purpose of Christian education is to direct and guide our students to commit their hearts to Christ and to become his disciples.
  • Students need guidance, correction, and instruction.
  • Teachers, as servants of God, exercise authority in the task of educating students.
  • The school community is established and directed by an association of Christian believers.