Allison Gresik

Alison Gresik makes her living by the keyboard: good thing she paid attention in typing class! As a writer and editor, Alison has worked on everything from software documentation and government reports to small business marketing and branding. She spent seven years at Adobe Systems, and then struck out on her own to have more flexibility and variety in her work. Now she pursues the freelance life from her home office, keeping part-time hours so she can spend time with her young family.

But Alison’s heart and soul remain in fiction writing. She completed a Master’s in English at the University of Calgary, and her short story collection, Brick and Mortar, was nominated for the Ottawa Book Award in 2001. Her stories have been published in Descant, Grain, Image, and the anthology The Company We Keep. She has visited QCHS several times to share her work and talk to students about creativity. She blogs about the writing life at

Alison and her husband Shawn (also a QCHS alum!) belong to an Anglican church in Ottawa, and Alison is active in the music and Sunday school programs. Alison appreciates the connection that QCHS gave her between her faith and her high school studies. “QCHS was a place where I could be myself as a Christian and engage with the spiritual dimensions of literature, science, music, and drama. That foundation has had a lasting impact on my work as a writer.”