Frank Vreugdenhil

Frank studied Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Western .  He is currently working as an active member of the dental profession.

Frank appreciated the close one on one experiences with faculty at QCHS.  Adjusting to university life, he felt more than prepared and equipped with the necessary skills to succeed at this new level.  His high school training in mathematics and science prepared him well and he is pleased to know that the new science labs at QC will be a great added benefit to the students.

“QCHS is a community where I was given an opportunity to grow and mature in a Christ centered environment.  All aspects of a healthy lifestyle were encouraged and offered at QCHS.   I look back at QCHS as the time where I was allowed to develop into the person I am today and where I was given the tools for taking on  life’s many challenges.   I credit and would like to thank the faculty and staff at QCHS for all their efforts to this end;  not only giving me the best chance of success, but for taking a personal interest in that success before it was even an idea in my mind.”