Sue Hellinga

Sue graduated from University of Waterloo with a degree in Kinesiology and began work at a cardiac rehabilitation and sports injury facility.  Responsibilities at the clinic included stress testing, ECG set up and monitoring, and instruction in diet, exercise and stress management.  After taking a break from clinical work for six years to be home with her four young children, Sue made a career change and began to work part-time as the book keeper and office manager for their company that her husband Mike began in 2006 (  She has enjoyed the challenge of developing a new skill set for her role in the company.

Sue deeply appreciates the years she had at QCHS being guided by an educational institution founded on Christian values.  These values are the foundation on which she feels firmly planted and they continually shape her in her role as mom, wife, office manager, volleyball coach, deacon at her church, and team mate in sports.  “I am grateful to the teachers at QCHS, for their part in teaching me to strive to keep God number one in my life, and preparing me for the challenges and changes that life brings.”