The QCHS Guidance Department seeks to meet the needs of students in the area of career exploration and post-secondary education planning.  Through the Grade 10 Career Education class, group sessions, and individual meetings, students are encouraged to discover their gifts so they may honour God’s purpose for their lives and find joyful and fulfilling work in His world.

Students are also welcome to seek help from the Guidance Department with academic or personal matters that may arise from day to day.  In all areas of their lives we hope our students will flourish, as they learn to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness.

QCHS Course Changes – Policy and Procedure
Students may change their educational goals as they proceed through secondary school.  When they decide to embark on a new pathway, they may find that they have not completed all of the prerequisite courses they need. Schools must make provisions to allow such changes of direction.

In most cases, a student may enroll in a different type of course in a given subject in Grade 10 than the type he or she completed in Grade 9, although doing so may require additional preparation, as recommended by the principal.  In the case of mathematics, however, the sole prerequisite for the Grade 10 academic mathematics course is the Grade 9 academic mathematics course, so a student planning to move from the Grade 9 applied mathematics course to the grade 10 academic mathematics course must take either the designated transfer course or the Grade 9 academic mathematics course.

In Grades 10 to 12, a student may change to a different type of course in a given subject provided that the student has taken any course specified as a prerequisite for that course.  If the student has not done so, he or she may take one of the specified prerequisite courses through summer school, night-school, e-learning, the ILC, or independent study.
If the principal believes that a student can be successful in a particular course without having taken the specified prerequisite course, the principal may waive the prerequisite.
Source: Ontario Schools, Kindergarten to Grade 12, Policy and Program Requirements, 2011, Page 67-68.

Student Tracking System –  Course Type Switches
Course type switches (e.g. academic to applied) are largely facilitated by the teacher in cooperation with resource department.  Once the teacher and resource department have decided to make the switch, the student will need to pick up a “Level Switch Form” from the guidance office. The level switch form serves the following purposes:

  • Creates a hard copy record with parental approval
  • Serves to ensure that course type switches are recorded on the database
  • Facilitates communication between school and home
  • Allows guidance office to counsel students on future plans, and how a course type switch will affect their future, including high school prerequisites, and post-secondary plans.

Student Tracking System – Add/Drops
This form is primarily to help keep track of course changes in the first week of school. The Add/Drop permission form – scenario

  • The student expresses to the guidance counselor or teacher a desire to change courses.  Both guidance counselor and teacher should engage the student to find out their reasons and head off any inappropriate changes. For instance, a student should not drop a class that will undermine their future plans (OSSD or Post-Secondary admission requirements).
  • If approved initially the student is directed to the guidance counselor for a counseling session to ensure that the student’s decision is a wise one before releasing the form.
  • If approved by the guidance counselor, the form will be signed by the student, both teachers of the classes involved, the parents and guidance counselor.
  • Factors to consider when approving a course add/drop
  • Will the student be eligible for the “add” course, and does the add course have room for them?
  • Will the student be meeting Diploma requirements – compulsory/elective?
  • Will the student be meeting her/his own needs for prerequisites for their post-secondary program of choice?