Regular and punctual attendance is a requirement for all classes and all official school functions. This includes assemblies, school activities and classes. Educational research confirms that attendance and success in school are very closely related. Students are expected to move to their classes with the warning bell and to be in their seats when classes begin. School staff may initiate contact with parents at any time regarding any absence from school.

If a student cannot make it to school, a parent notifies the school by phone between 8:30 and 9:00 am. A student who is absent more than fifteen (15) classes from a course during a given semester may lose the credit. A student or parent may appeal to the Board for special consideration in extenuating circumstances (e.g. prolonged illness).

Arriving Late

Students arriving at their first period class after 9 am must report to the office. A note from parents is required if you know in advance that you will be late. Students who are late without valid reason will be referred to the vice-principal. Sleeping in or missing the bus are not valid reasons.

School Activity Absence

From time to time there will be instances in which a student will need to be excused from regular class instruction due to responsibilities associated with a sponsored school activity. Students who find themselves in this situation are required to complete all normal assignments. Teachers will record their absence with the office.

Leaving During the Day

Students with appointments during the school day are required to present a properly signed and dated note to the office, indicating the reason for leaving. The note should then be presented to the teachers of those classes for which the student will be absent. If a student becomes ill during the day and is unable to attend classes, he/she must contact the office. The office staff will make arrangements for the student to go home or to spend time in the sick room.

Students leaving school for any reason other than authorized school trips must sign out at the office. Notes explaining absence A student who has been absent must present a dated note from a parent explaining the reason for the absence. A phone call from a parent is equivalent to a note.