The Arts

The Arts Program consists of art, music and drama. Each of these courses has the potential to place students in touch with the heart of God, the Creator, and can help them to realize their own creative potential.

The program meets students where they are and encourages them to communicate through the arts: in art by seeing and making; in music by listening and performing; in drama by giving form to human experience.

The Arts provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their unique gifts and abilities. In Grade 9, all students take an introductory half credit in visual art and instrumental music. From there, our program is designed for students with a passion in the arts to pursue one or more of visual art, drama and music through Grade 12 university preparatory courses.

Dramatic Arts

The Dramatic Arts Program offers a unique way to for students to learn about themselves. It gives a concrete form for emotions, attitudes, opinions and relationships to each other and God. It develops communication and concentration skills and at the same time requires the individual to utilize these skills in community. Students may also share their gifts in our annual extracurricular drama production. Click here to learn more.

Music Program

The Music Program involves the student with music as a unique form of communication and expression. Students develop skills in the areas of instrumental performance, creation and analysis. They examine the relationship between faith and the use of music in worship, both historically and in their daily lives. Credits can be earned in academic music courses as well as in band performance. Click here to learn more.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program offers the student many opportunities to recreate the art and design with which God has filled His creation. Drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture, pottery, art history, and many other media meet each student’s unique abilities to produce his/her own art works. Students have opportunities to interact with the community and showcase their works through walking tours, gallery visits, banners, and murals. Click here to learn more.